Market Reports

December 8, 2012
Auction Buyers are Not Nervous about Purchasing Property 
November 2, 2012

$176 Million Dollar Fannie Mae auction Winner plans to create Rentals! 80,000 More to follow.

July 17, 2012
According to Experts at CNN Money Watch... 
June 3, 2012
A flurry of flipping in Sonoma  
May 29, 2012
The housing market started the new year with a thud 

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Marketing Strategy  

Exclusively Auctions ™ Mission Statement.

Locate extraordinary properties. Motivate qualified buyers. Get your property SOLD for the highest price possible

Why Exclusively Auctions ™ is the right choice for you.

Our track record of over twenty five years in the real estate/auction arena achieves top dollar results. Our auction house not only understands the importance of factors that influence buying decisions of consumers – we also understand salesmanship. Each member of our energetic and dynamic sales team has a proven reputation within the industry and buyers recognize that we are associated with the marketing and sale of top tier properties.

Unlike other auction houses, or real estate brokerages, Exclusively Auctions™ only negotiates the price upwards. In a traditional sales transaction, buyers and sellers negotiate the listing price downwards with the outcome frequently being less than the listing price. When Exclusively Auctions™ sells a property, buyers negotiate against each other in an open forum. Values settle at the level the market can bear, neither elevated nor deflated. Auction prices will normally exceed a negotiated sales price.

What are the benefits to you the Seller?

Peace of mind. Auctions inherently eliminate pricing issues. In a traditional listing you, the seller, run the risk of asking too much or too little. 

No Contingencies.  All of the terms of the sale are established in advance and the buyer’s due diligence is done prior to the auction.   Traditional sales transactions contain numerous contingencies which may or may not eventually be removed and thus there is a greater likelihood of the sale not closing.  Once the hammer goes down at our auctions, properties close within thirty days at least 98% of the time.

Exclusively Auctions™ will take care of all the details that will ultimately ensure your economic goals.

What will your costs be and how are commissions handled?

Marketing and advertising budgets are approximately one percent of the estimated sales price and are dependent on the location of your property and the recommended marketing reach (regional, national, or international).  A comprehensive marketing proposal together with a projected budget will be provided prior to the signing of an auction contract.  While our auction house coordinates the placement of all advertising and media, the expense is generally the responsibility of the seller and is paid at the contract signing.

You the seller pay no commissions on the sale of your property auctioned by Exclusively Auctions™.  All commissions are generated from the buyer’s premium surcharge which is added to the “hammer” price.   Additionally, all and any buyer broker fees will be paid out of the Exclusively Auctions™ buyer’s premium.

How will Exclusively Auctions™ promote and market your property?

Exclusively Auction’s™ track record far exceeds national statistics and our cutting edge techniques are regularly featured within the NAA industry’s journals. Our proprietary database reaches your targeted receptive audience.  During the marketing period, buyers will be reached by a combination of print media, electronic distribution, national television, live real time broadcasting, press releases, countdown auction tools and sealed bids.

Superior marketing attracts affluent buyers.  Properties that are interesting to the market place will bring top prices. This is especially true of trophy properties which deserve special handling from a marketing standpoint.

Focusing attention on your individual property for a short specific period of time increases the excitement of acquiring your property and will attract buyers that may not have considered it previously. Visibility is everything.  

Why we believe absolute auctions work.

Prospective buyers are reluctant to jump through hoops, spend time and money on inspections, and arrange financing prior to a reserve auction. A reserve auction implies that a seller may not be in tune with the current market and may have unrealistic expectations.  The property, therefore, generates no more interest than a stale listing that has been offered unsuccessfully on the market for an extended period of time.  Reserve auctions attract fewer people, especially from prospective buyers who live out-of-the-area.

Our goal is a successful outcome for you, the seller.  Absolute auctions achieve these objectives and succeed more often. That’s all we care about.

What is the best way to familiarize yourself with Exclusively Auctions™?

We suggest that you view our video clips right now at Video-MyNextAuction.

Then, look in your local newspaper. Go and attend a real estate auction.  Compare… the professionalism of the staff… the auctioneer’s level of competence… and the outcome of the event. Not all auction houses are the same. Seeing is believing.

Exclusively Auctions’™ Commitment to You. 

Exclusively Auctions’™
philosophy is to remain creative, exclusive and intimate.  This commitment allows us to share the playing field with the most selective clients.  Because we are smaller and more personally involved, we have a deeper appreciation of our customers and the ability to use that knowledge to communicate with the right buyer at the right time.

Our team of professionals recognizes the appeal of an extraordinary property and we are proud to have represented properties in highly desired locations. Our clients want the best and they deserve the best. We deliver it.

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